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Train for Surf Performance2024-05-13T10:40:54+00:00

Develop the skills to dominate in the surf

Are you ready to surf better during 2023? BaiMed’s Surf Performance Program will complement your surfing.

Guided by our elite coaches, all surfers will receive specialised training to help surf longer, stronger and stay injury free. The program includes mobility, plyometrics, strength and conditioning.

Where: BaiMed Performance Centre, Figtree

Training Type: Group

When: Wednesday 6:30pm-7:30pm

Cost: $250 for 10-week program. Payment for the term is required in full or on pro rata basis for the week joined. Sessions beyond 10 weeks are $25 per session.

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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 6.30pm-7.30pm Performance Centre


Morning Afternoon
Mon 6:30pm – 7:300pm

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the program appropriate for any age?2023-01-24T03:00:36+00:00

Yes, anyone is welcome, exercises can be regressed to accommodate for any age or skill level.

What happens if I am away for some of the 10-week period?2023-01-24T03:00:11+00:00

There will be make up sessions after the 10 weeks, and the program will likely continue for longer. Otherwise money can be given as a credit for other services at BaiMed.

Can I come and try a session before committing to the whole program?2023-01-24T02:59:41+00:00

Yes, just need to pay a single session fee.

What is involved in the session?2023-01-24T02:58:52+00:00

Full body mobility and dynamic stretching, jump/landing mechanics and progressions, breath work exercises, full body strength, conditioning/aerobic fitness – all programmed to be specific to movements involved in surfing and aiming to improve your overall surfing performance.

If I have an injury can I still join?2023-01-24T02:58:26+00:00

Yes, sessions can be altered and modified depending on the individual’s capacity.

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