Youth Strong

Aiming to support youth development through progressive exposure to resistance training

Worried about when is old enough to start strength training? Young people benefit from strength training too!

Resistance training offers young people a safe way of improving strength, flexibility and movement efficiency so they reduce their risk of injury and prepare their bodies for sport and exercise. The BaiMed Youth Strong Program is run by experienced Masters qualified staff who will custom design a program for your child and supervise them during their training.

Incorporating resistance training, stretching, balance work, movement coordination and stability in a fun and stimulating environment, the Youth Strong Program is designed for males and females aged between 10 and 18 years – and is great for all levels of ability in all types of sports.

Benefits of strength training at BaiMed

  • Boosts athletic development by building healthy muscles, joints and bones.
  • Improves fitness, endurance and overall sports performance.
  • Helps prevent injuries and speeds up recovery.
  • Teaches correct technique from the ground up.

Strength training unsupervised or with unqualified trainers can result in injury which can sometimes be irreversible.

Our program is fully supervised and we ensure your child achieves the correct technique before progressing.

6-9 Years

Foundation Movements

Developing the skills and confidence to perform movements associated with physical activity

9-12 Years

Learn to Train

Introduction to basic resistance training exercises

12-15 Years

Training to Train

Progression of exercises from Stage 2 + Introduction of barbell training

15-18 Years

Train to Compete

Sports-specific and further progression of resistance training

**All stages will require an assessment with strict criteria to pass and progress onto the next stage. Generally, older youth will progress through the foundation stages (1 & 2) quicker than younger individuals.

What is LTAD & why do we need an LTAD program?

LTAD refers to long-term athletic development. The aim of LTAD is to emphasise key components of physical literacy that are the foundations for both a healthy, active lifestyle and a long-term career in competitive sport.

Our youth are exposed to extensive competition schedules, sometimes across multiple sports or various levels of competition, but they are lacking in the basic movement competencies. LTAD has been developed in order to structure youth athletic development and tailor training appropriately.

What does the Youth Strong (LTAD) program aim to achieve? 

The BaiMed Youth Strong program aims to support youth development through progressive exposure to resistance training.

The program will ensure movement competency is addressed early and that the young athlete has the appropriate fitness and strength to meet the demands of their sport(s). It will aim to enhance physical performance, reduce the risk of injury, and build confidence and competence in all youth – not just high-level athletes. The program is based off the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association Position Standard for Resistance Training for Children and Youth.

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