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Why BaiMed Ability

We believe in challenging accepted norms or outcomes. Our multidisciplinary team have been achieving elite outcomes for over a decade through a commitment to excellence and innovation. We now commit to delivering this change for people of all abilities. In doing so we will enable people to realise goals and ambitions previously not considered possible.

Navigating the NDIS can be confronting and confusing. Our multidisciplinary team has extensive experience working in and with the NDIS. Work with the team to construct goals, discuss ambitions, maximise outcomes and seek help regarding plan reviews or plan management. Achieve greater independence, capacity, community participation and realise your potential through BaiMed Ability.

Who we are

BaiMed Ability is a passionate team consisting of Physiotherapists, Paediatric Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Therapy Assistants and Speech Pathologists. Each committed to delivering meaningful people focused outcomes. Through our team we have worked with Elite and Professional Athletes as well as the general population for over a decade to achieve high level outcomes. Organisations or athletes that work with BaiMed include NSWRL State of Origin, Alexander Volkanovski (UFC World Champion), St George Illawarra Dragons NRL, Illawarra Hawks NBL, Illawarra Stingrays Women’s Football, South Coast Blaze Netball along with multiple nation and international level athletes from individual sports. Through BaiMed Ability and via the NDIS we are extremely excited to be able to deliver outcomes for people of all ability.

Our team have extensive experience working with people living with disability and with the NDIS. Members of the team are parents of NDIS participants whilst others have held senior clinical and management roles domestically and internationally at organisations such as Westmead Children’s Hospital and Sydney Children’s Hospital. As committed clinicians as well as proud, loving and devoted parents we are able to relate to and empathise with parents and participants of all ages and abilities to create meaningful, life changing outcomes that not only empower the individual but also the family unit. Our strength lies in forming and achieving goals through a strong background in working across all ages including newborns, infants, children, adolescents and adults.

What you can achieve:

Through our work with elite sporting populations we have always been asked to discover ways of pushing human performance. When confronted with a problem or challenge, rather than accept limitations or outcomes, we will ask ‘why not’ and find ways of achieving new levels of function.

We believe in redefining boundaries and breaking through glass ceilings. Ambitions can be small or big hairy audacious goals. Our team will break them down and work through a step by step plan to achieve them. They can be formed around crucial, functional life skills that add to your day to day quality of life. They can also be goals that are more emotionally driven, close to your heart, activities or things that bring joy, happiness, greater meaning and affect your life in positive ways outside of your day to day essentials tasks.

What we can try and achieve together is limited only by imagination.

What you can do

Tell us what you want to do and achieve. Often adolescents and adults living with disability aren’t asked these questions. In many cases there is heavy investment in time and resources towards milestone achievement in early and developmental years. Once people hit adolescence and adulthood, this time and investment is redirected into more adult life skills such as driving, employment and household tasks. We want to provide a service that continues to target peoples wants as well as their needs. Not only will we work with you to create life altering functional change such as standing, walking and running, we will work with you to help you achieve, enjoy and participate in those physical activities that you are passionate about.

How you can access

Anyone can access the BaiMed Ability service. You do not require a NDIS plan. Call any of our clinics including our Performance Centre at Figtree to enquire. Alternatively you can email or call Scott Muttdon directly on [email protected] or 0417 669 415 for further information.

If you do have an NDIS plan and intend on using your plan towards therapy, funding is required in the following categories

Physiotherapy – Capacity Building – Improved Daily Living
Paediatric Physiotherapy – Capacity Building – Improved Daily Living
Exercise Physiology – Capacity Building – Health and Wellbeing
Therapy Assistant – Capacity Building – Improved Daily Living