Our Team

The People Behind BaiMed


Scott Muttdon
Scott MuttdonPrincipal Physiotherapist
Kat Dawson
Kat DawsonManager of Clinical Services & Physiotherapist
Melinda Sandon
Melinda SandonPhysiotherapist
Christine Hutton
Christine HuttonPhysiotherapist
Liam Richardson
Liam RichardsonPhysiotherapist
Jane Katkjaer
Jane KatkjaerPhysiotherapist
Benjamin Kearton
Benjamin KeartonPhysiotherapist
Jack Mack
Jack MackPhysiotherapist
Callum O’Brien
Callum O’BrienPhysiotherapist
Ryan Parker
Ryan ParkerPhysiotherapist
Jordan Scott
Jordan ScottPhysiotherapist
Patrick Lancaster
Patrick LancasterExercise Physiologist
Dean Zalunardo
Dean ZalunardoPhysiotherapist
Warren Hobson
Warren HobsonPhysiotherapist
Tristan Brazulaitis
Tristan BrazulaitisPhysiotherapist
Mia Pritchett
Mia PritchettPhysiotherapist
Angus Clark
Angus ClarkPhysiotherapist
Belinda Condy
Belinda CondyPhysiotherapist
Harshini Modi
Harshini ModiPhysiotherapist
Matt Cook
Matt CookPhysiotherapist
Jarrod Palmer-Brown
Jarrod Palmer-BrownPhysiotherapist
Emily Stewart
Emily StewartPhysiotherapist
Lachlan Waters
Lachlan WatersExercise Physiologist
Sam Reid
Sam ReidPhysiotherapist

Exercise Physiologists

Sarah Bremner
Sarah BremnerExercise Physiologist
Rob Jamieson
Rob JamiesonExercise Physiologist
Alex Verass
Alex VerassExercise Physiologist
Joseph Tegart
Joseph TegartExercise Physiologist
Harry Brignall
Harry BrignallExercise Physiologist
Patrick Lancaster
Patrick LancasterExercise Physiologist


Dionne Anslow
Dionne AnslowDietitian

Massage Therapists

Tiarne Ayres
Tiarne AyresMassage Therapist
Bernadette Samson
Bernadette SamsonMassage Therapist


Ryan Quintano
Ryan QuintanoPodiatrist

Administration & Support Staff

Adam Goss
Adam GossBusiness Manager
Monique Miller
Monique MillerPractice Manager
Amy Haddon
Amy HaddonAdministration
Mel Kelly
Mel KellyAdministration
Dajana Popovic
Dajana PopovicAdministration
Lily Roodenry
Lily RoodenryAdministration


Wollongong Clinic

Level 3, Suite 3, 354/358 Crown Street

Wollongong NSW 2500

1300 BAIMED (1300 224 633)

Performance Centre

Level 1-147 The Avenue,

Figtree NSW 2525

1300 BAIMED (1300 224 633)

Woonona Clinic

44 Hopetoun Street,

Woonona NSW 2517

1300 BAIMED (1300 224 633)

Albion Park Clinic

131 Tongarra Rd,

Albion Park NSW 2527

1300 BAIMED (1300 224 633)

Kiama Clinic

15/3 Brown Street,

Kiama NSW 2533

1300 BAIMED (1300 224 633)

Shoalhaven Clinic

103 Kinghorne Street,

Nowra NSW 2541

1300 BAIMED (1300 224 633)

Canberra City Clinic

Level 1, 71-73 London Cct,

Canberra ACT 2601

1300 BAIMED (1300 224 633)

Casey Clinic

Shop 1, Casey Market Town, 15 Kingsland Prd,

Casey ACT 2913

1300 BAIMED (1300 224 633)