Attacking Life

Brett Connellan’s inspiring documentary featuring BaiMed’s Scott Muttdon

Working with Brett was a privilege and career highlight. As much as I was able to apply my knowledge and skillset to assist Brett throughout his journey, I learned equally as much through the experience. I have gained an even greater insight and respect for how resilient the human body and spirit is; and what it is capable of, when combined with perseverance, resilience, hard work and a positive attitude.

Brett was an elite young surfer with aspirations to turn pro and join the World Surf League tour. After a shark attack that took most of his upper leg and thigh, Brett underwent emergency life and leg saving surgery. It was after this that Brett and I devised a plan and embarked on a journey to see how far we could push the human body.

Brett was the first and only shark attack victim that I have worked with. The injuries he sustained are unlike anything else I had seen or have seen since. His injuries may be unique but the approach taken towards his recovery is not. Brett’s story is unique, but the theme’s are not. Working with Brett has given me added perspective but I apply these same theme’s to my work every day. I love what I do. I get to be part of people’s stories every day. It doesn’t need to be a shark attack. It can an ankle sprain, knee surgery, workplace injury, chronic or persistent pain. Applying the same principle’s from Brett’s journey, setting lofty goals, creating a meaningful plan, maintaining a positive attitude and combining this with determination and resilience; anything is possible.

-Scott Muttdon – BaiMed

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