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TeleHealth is the use of online communication (computers, phones and ipads) to access health care services remotely and allows you to continue to manage injury recovery and rehabilitation. Research has shown that outcomes can, in fact, be better through online consultation, due to the empowering nature of the system.

It is safe and effective, and BaiMed practitioners are trained to deliver these type of consultations via PhysiTrack/PhysiApp & Zoom.

BaiMed TeleHealth Consults are available for Physiotherapy, NDIS services, Paediatric Physiotherapy(Kids Physio), Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist consultations.

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The Benefits of Tele-Health

USER FRIENDLY You will receive an email to join in one click

SAFE Audio and video are encrypted

CONVENIENT Instant access to activity prescriptions and outcomes 

EASY Tech Support from BaiMed Physiotherapy Administration Team

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Is my injury suitable for a video consultation?

The majority of ALL BaiMed patients – not just the musculoskeletal injuries are suitable for online consultation. If you are currently being treated by one of our physiotherapists and are unsure if this is an option available to you please reach out [email protected]

How can a physiotherapist treat my injury without ‘hands on’ therapy?

Most people’s traditional view of physiotherapy is that it involves “hands on” treatment. In reality, this is only a small portion of what physiotherapists do to assist with injury management.

Educating you about your condition, identifying contributing factors from your lifestyle, as well as instigating a structured and tailored exercise program, are some of the most important things physiotherapists do.

In this time particularly the ability to reach out for experienced clinical reasoning in a manner that completely works around the patients time schedule is more important than ever.

Over the last 5 to 10 years, physiotherapy has moved away from a reliance on complex machines and simple manual techniques, towards rehabilitation programs carried out under guidance. This puts you in much more control of your own recovery.

If we feel you have an injury that requires “hands on” therapy, we will let you know!

Can I get a health insurance rebate for an online consultation?

Insurance companies are starting to provide rebates for online health consultations in some circumstances. Ask your private health insurance provider if they are happy to provide rebates for online consultations. We can provide an invoice for you to submit to your private health fund.

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