Bumps Workshop

I just found out I’m pregnant is it too early?

In the workshop we will go through all the physiological changes that is associated with pregnancy, as well as exercises that will help you throughout. It might feel a little early to talk about labour and postnatal recovery, but this will only increase your knowledge and encourage you to seek more information.

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Will I be exercising?

There is a 30minute component where we run through exercises that will be helpful for any aches and pains in pregnancy. We will also go through some "bang for your buck" exercises that will assist in your pregnancy and postnatal journey.

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What does it involve?

Content of the workshop will include:– Exercises for preventing and relieving pelvic and low back pain in pregnancy.– Abdominal and pelvic floor exercises and breathing coordination for later in pregnancy and early postpartum period.– Active birth techniques, when and how to use them.– Issues that can arise from birth physically and how to manage them.– Postnatal recovery

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