COVID-19 Chronic Enhanced Primary Care

Do you have COVID-19? Did you know you can access the BaiMed COVID multidisciplinary allied health support program?

Following a confirmed positive diagnosis of COVID-19, you can be referred by your GP through a Medicare supported Chronic Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) program to BaiMed. Each member of your household who is a confirmed positive case can seek a referral through your GP that is managing your case. ALL INITIAL CONSULTATIONS will be bulk billed if referred via the EPC program in 2022.

GP Referral Method

The initial consultation will be performed via telehealth whilst in isolation, thus allowing an extended consultation with a health professional who can work through any concerns re protocols, cardiovascular symptoms, musculoskeletal concerns or even simply a chance to reach out and discuss any allied health questions that may be on your mind.

This is a stressful time, and our program ensures you have support during your isolation period with qualified health professionals. Physiotherapists have traditionally played a key role in the respiratory health and management of patients around the world, and the BaiMed team will provide this support for any member of the community.

Following the resolution of symptoms, and the exit of isolation, patients can then work with either a physiotherapist or exercise physiologist for a functional assessment and supported program. Based on each patient’s needs, our allied health team will provide a management plan involving in clinic treatment, supervised programming and conditioning or home-based management for whatever specific needs arise.

There is also a pathway for self-referral, with the option to utilise any private health insurance if available. Contact BaiMed for details.

The program is built to support our GP colleagues and the community.

Self-Referral Method

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