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At BaiMed dance, we understand that dance is a unique art form that has it’s own set of physical demands very different to other sports.

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What we do

Our highly experienced dance physiotherapist uses specialised equipment and techniques to assess, diagnose and treat dance injuries. Our goal is to minimise time off dance, and maximise dancing performance.

Services we provide:

  • Injury diagnosis and management
  • Individual and group Dance Screening
  • Pre-pointe assessments
  • Flexibility programs
  • Programs for chronic pain and movement dysfunction
  • Educational workshops for groups and schools

At BaiMed Dance, we are passionate about injury prevention. Many dance injuries are preventable, and it is our aim to assess a dancer’s injury risk and help stop these injuries from occurring in the first place. Our number one priority is to keep dancers on their feet…dancing!

Perfecting the art of dance requires long hours of intensive training. It’s important that dancers understand how to execute sequences and movements properly, so they are not putting incorrect load on their bodies that could lead to injury.

Our dance physiotherapist is experienced in a range of dance styles and understands that each style of dance has it’s own set of movement patterns and physical demands. If you have an injury, our dance physiotherapist will be able to understand and help you, whether you do hip-hop, classical ballet, break dancing or belly dancing!

When it comes to injury and injury prevention, BaiMed Dance prides itself on strong communication between parent, dancer, dance teacher and health professional. We value the importance of working together as a team to ensure the best outcome is achieved for the dancer.

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